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Our Story

Power Gals is a professional platform for women to network to help promote each other and generate new business. It’s a networking group for professional local women at a different level. The women that attend these meetings are amazing business women that are growing locally with a passion for connecting & helping their communities.

Our first meeting was with just 10 women and one location on January 18, 2018. Now thankfully we have over 12 Chapter locations all over Florida. Our goal is to continue to grow organically each year and to keep evolving as we grow. 

Power Gals is more than just another networking group. We are a true Sisterhood of empowering women that support each other. We refer business to each other and we never forget the Golden Rule ~ People want to do business with people that they like, know, and trust. And networking helps us to get to know each other a little better. 


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Become a Member

Select which Chapter location is best for you then submit your Member Registration. Then once you become a paid member you will be added to the Business Directory page. 

Start Networking

Start Networking with other  local professional women. Each meeting is filled with excitement & a positive vibe. Creating new friendships along the way with empowering women. 

Social Events

Our monthly social events are another excellent way for you to network while having a great time with other Gals. We host awesome events all over Florida, just ask your Chapter Leader for more details.

Member of The Week

Kathy Cardona


Spa Owner & Medical Aesthetician 

Celestial  Skin and Beauty invites you to step away from your busy life to enjoy peace, serenity, renovation, and relaxation. Our goal is to provide you with affordable luxury in a beautiful, tranquil environment, and help you to develop a healthy lifestyle. Our goal is to have you leave relaxed, at peace, focused, and energized. It’s time to de-stress, boost your immune system, and relieving aches and pains. Regular facial massages can help remove impurities from your face, natural facelift, increases circulation, relieves inflammation skin conditions, relieves headaches, and prevents wrinkles. 

Company: Celestial Skin and Beauty LLC. 

Phone: 813-943-9167 

Email:   CelestialSkinAndBeauty@gmail.com

Website: https://www.celestialskinandbeauty.com/

Address: 3738 Land O Lakes Blvd, Land O Lakes, FL 34639

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A Different Way of Networking


Visibility is the best way to get improved in your business. Always insure your presence; people will always remember you as part of that business by doing so, as well as promote it.

New Contacts/Referrals

Show people that your business is doing right. Asking for referrals, is the most and the easiest way to improve your business and meet people. Doing so, will help you grow more.

Educational Events

Events are critical for your business. Organizing them will bring your business more relationships and partnerships, as well as make your business known in the market.

Giving Back

Relationships are the most important thing in business. Always try to give before getting or ask; the more you invest in relationships the more you get in times of need.

Strengthen Confidence

Self-confidence is belief in how good you are at something. And being self- confident means that you trusted your abilities to successfully achieve your business dream.

Unity & Support

The biggest strength of business lies in support and unity. Every business, whether it’s small or big, needs an effective support and unity. So, always be there for support.

Abundance of Opportunities

Opportunities will always get you the chance to find out and learn what you don’t know before. They will help you grow your business, as well as gain more relationships.

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