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Benefits of Being a Member

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In Person Networking

As a registered member of Power Gals you can attend any of the Chapter locations. What does this mean? It means that if we have 30 Chapter locations you have the freedom to visit all 30 Chapter locations as no extra cost. Registered members of Power Gals have access to all of our networking Chapter locations.

Female Business Owners

Your employees are welcomed

We know & understand that most business owners may not always have time to attend networking meetings. We welcome anyone from your registered company to attend the networking meetings on your behalf. Please know that even though they can attend the meetings, if they would like to be part of everything else that our organization has to offer then they will need to pay for their own membership.  

Window Shopping

Member Discounts

At Power Gals we truly believe in Supporting Local & Shopping Local. Power Gals has Member Discount Program, as a member you have access to exclusive offers and discounts just for being a Power Gal. To see all the amazing discounts visit our Member Discount page and start saving money. 

Jewelery Site Web Design

Business Directory

Another amazing benefit of being a registered member with Power Gals is that your business gets added to our Business Directory. Creating greater possibilities for generating more awareness to your business or services. 

We currently have over 85 different industries represented on our Business Directory.

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Register Your Businesses With Us

Register your business with Power Gals. Our website gets thousands of new visitors each month. So having your business on our Business Directory is a great tool for generating new exposure to you and your business. 

Explore our Business Directory to see who is already here with us!


Educational Workshops

Power Gals also provides educational workshops every month. Some of them are via webinars online and others are in person depending on the person hosting the event. 


If you are an expert in any field and you would love to offer Power Gals a free workshop please reach out to us. 

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Paying  it Forward

The women in Power Gals have an amazing passion for helping our local community. We have done special events such as shoe drives for the homeless, food drives for our Vets, Christmas fund raiser for teens in Forster Care, clothes drive for families in Columbia, we also have volunteered with the Habitat For Humanity and so much more.  

Train Ride

Staying Connected

Regardless of where you are, you can always stay connected with Power Gals in our private Facebook group. Access to granted once you have become a registered member. Members can post anything about their "registered" business any day of the week, any time of the day. Just try not to saturate with over posting. Rules do apply. 

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Social Events

Need we say more? Just look at that spectacular photo that we took from one of our Social Events. Yes, we organize amazing social events from Hot Ari Balloon Adventures, to snorkeling in under water caves, kayaking, dinner at roof top restaurants, to zip lining in the middle of the forest. We offer different social events each month. 

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Empowering Leaders

Do believe that you have what it takes to be a great Leader? If you are seriously considering running your own Chapter location or if you know of someone that might be perfect for the role, please reach out to us. 

Being a Leader will open up so many doors like never before. You will also be part of something special. You will be able to empower other women. 


Registered Trademark

Yes, Power Gals® is a Registered Trademark. What does this mean, it means that no one can use our Logo without the written authorization from the Owner and Founder of Power Gals®. 

If you would like to partner up with Power Gals® please contact us for more details. 

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Photo Galleries

Don't forget to check out our photo galleries. Besides Networking, we also love #FunWorking. Having fun with fellow members of Power Gals® is important to us. 

As busy as we all are, it is extremely important to find that balance and allow ourselves to relax. Social events helps us to also create stronger relationships.

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Success is Up To "You"

Please know that Power Gals is not responsible for your success. Power Gals is a networking platform for professional business women to come together to make better connections. It is up to you to make sure that your business is successful.  Don't only thing that we don't tolerate is a pushy sales person. Please don't try to force someone else to purchasing something. 

Video Conference

Virtual Networking 

Power Gals also offers Virtual Networking via Zoom to any of the members that are not able to attend our in person networking meetings.  Please visit our calendar to find out when it's offered. We offer Virtual Networking certain times of the year. Though our main focus are our in-person networking meetings.   

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