Commonly Asked Questions

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How do I become a Member? 

Becoming a member is simple. All you need to do is click on the tab that says "Membership Options" read & fill in the registration form. Once we have received your payment and registration form, your profile will be created within 5 to 7 business days. You will receive a welcome email. Please take the time to read your welcome emails. 

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How do I update my profile? 

So you need to update the information on your profile? This is also a very simple process. All you need to do is send a well detailed email to:


Let us know what you would like for us to revise, correct, or update and we will do it for you. Due to the high volume of emails please allow us a few days to update your profile.  

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Can I visit other Chapters if I am a registered member? 

Yes, one of the many awesome perks of being a registered member of Power Gals is that you have access at NO EXTRA CHARGE to all the Chapter locations in our organization. You are welcomed & encouraged to visit as many of the other Chapters as possible. With Power Gals you can literally visit each and every one of our networking Chapter locations. You can network as much as you want or as little as you desire. That is completely up each individual member.  


May I attend a meeting before registering? 

Yes, we welcome any new guests to come and visit any of our networking meetings to see if Power Gals is the perfect fit for you. Guests can visit twice before having to become a registered member. Though most of the time, guests fall in love with our organization right after attending their first meeting. We try to our best to make everyone feel welcomed.  

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Who do I contact if I have a question about the meetings? 

If you have a question about any of the upcoming networking meetings, please contact the Chapter Leader(s) for that Chapter location. 

If you have any questions regarding anything about the current Chapter, please contact the Chapter Leader(s) that are in charge of running that Chapter location. 

If you are having trouble finding a meeting on the Calendar page of our website, please contact the Chapter Leader(s). 


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Monday Newsletters

Are you receiving, opening, and READING the newsletters that go out every Monday? If you are not receiving them, please check your Spam Folders. Also, what happens often is that people tend to input the wrong email addresses when they are registering for the first time. So please verify that the email you entered was your correct email address.  

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When is it time to renew my membership? 

Your clock starts ticking from the day that you first became a registered member. Please look at your welcome email or paid invoices to see when you first became a registered member. That is your anniversary date for renewing each year.   Also our Admin Team will email you a few weeks before your membership expires. If you don't pay on time, your information will be removed from the website and Facebook page. 

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How do I renew my membership?

To renew your membership with our network simply click on the tab that says Membership Renewal and follow the instructions provided for you in that page. 


And thank you so much for wanted to renew your membership with Power Gals LLC. We truly value all of our members.  

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Can I sell anything of Power Gals? 

NO, Power Gals is a Registered Trademark. You will require written authorization from the owner(s) of Power Gals LLC. before you can sell anything related to Power Gals.  

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I don't have time to attend any meetings. Can I still join?

Absolutely! For busy business owners like yourself that may not have enough staff for you to go out and promote your own business, all you need to do is register as a Basic Member. This way, you don't have to attend the networking meetings but you can still have the information of your business listing on the Business Directory. 

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Can I become a Leader? 

Click on the tab called Become a Leader. After you have read that entire page, and you still are interested simply fill out the registration form. Once we have received your registration form, please give us a few days for us to review it. 

Please understand that filling out the registration form does not guarantee that you will be approved in becoming a Leader. 

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Can I visit other Chapters? 

Yes, as a registered member you have the ability of visiting any & all Chapter locations. Simply click on the tab called Locations & Leaders to find out all the current locations of Power Gals Chapters. 

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Can I pay for advertisement? 

Most definitely yes! Power Gals offer advertisement to anyone that would like to pay for advertise a special upcoming event, or special sales that your business might be having. Advertisement becomes more popular during the holidays but you are welcomed to pay for advertising with us all year long. Paid advertisement is excellent for brand awareness. Non Members and Men are also welcomed to advertise with us on our website. 

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How can I post my upcoming event of the website? 

Sorry but the Calendar of Events page on our website are exclusively for our networking meetings. Or for events that our being hosted by any of our Chapter Leaders. This is to avoid confusion and to protect the flow of how things are posted our Calendar of Events Page. 

But you are more than welcomed to promote your special events on our Facebook page. 

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Can I register more than one business? 

Yes you are more than welcomed to register more than one business with our organization. You can register up to 2 businesses on our Business Directory. But you have to own those businesses or have written authorization that you represent that business. Please remember that you can only promote your registered businesses. 

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Can my employees attend the networking meetings for me? 

Only if you are an Executive Member of Power Gals. We understand that sometimes you get stuck in the office swamped with work but you still want to promote your business during the networking meeting. With the Executive Membership you can have up to 3 of your employees attend the meetings on your behalf. Please know that they can only talk about your registered business. This does not grant your employees to promote their own side gigs. 


How do I contact my Chapter Leader?

If you have questions about anything related to Power Gals simply click on the Locations & Leaders tab on our website to get the contact information of your Chapter Leader. 

How do I know who my Chapter Leader is? Easy, just look at what Chapter location is your preferred location and the Leader of that Chapter is who you would contact. 

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What if I don't have a Chapter near me? 

Then send us a message via our Contact Us Page. We are always looking for new areas to bring Power Gals to more women. Maybe you have what it takes to open a new Chapter in your area or you might know of someone that can be a great Leader in your community. 

Or you can visit the Become a Leader page to learn more on how to start your own Chapter location. 

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Do you have Social Events? 

Yes we do! Besides our networking meetings, Power Gals love getting together after office hours to simply have fun and relax. So please ask your Chapter Leader(s) on creating a fun Social Event for your Chapter. 

You can also visit our Calendar of Events page to see what other Social Events are happening each month. 

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Why should I join the Facebook group?

By being part of our private Facebook group will give you the opportunity to connect with more members of Power Gals. This also gives you inside access to awesome events that are happening all year long. 

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I'm retired, can I attend a meeting? 

Yes!! At Power Gals we welcome everyone to attend our meetings. Regardless if you are retired, unemployed, a stay at home mom, new to Florida, new business owner, or what ever your situation may be. We always welcome non members to attend our meetings because you might end up making great connections with some of our members. 

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Can I bring a friend to a meeting? 

Yes, please bring your friends with you to any of our networking meetings. We love having new guests all the time. Plus you can share our meetings with all your friends on Social Media. Just remember that to maintain a professional atmosphere as these a business networking meetings. So being respectful & quiet while other members speak their commercials is important. 

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How do I stay connected? 

You can stay connected in a bunch of ways. Registered members of Power Gals have exclusive access to our private Facebook page. You can also visit our YouTube Channel, our Linkedin page, even our Instagram page, or our public Business Facebook page. 

Visiting our website's Calendar of Events Page every week is one of the best ways to staying connected.  

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Can I promote other networking groups? 

This is a Fragile subject to talk about. We simply ask that you reframe from promoting other networking groups during our meetings and on our Facebook page.  In return, please be polite when you attend other networking groups. I know that most of you love saying great things about Power Gals and we truly appreciate that but just be polite and ask the hostess of that networking meeting if it would be okay for you to talk about Power Gals at their meetings. If you have any questionshis please contact us. 


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Can I wear my face mask at our meetings? 

Most definitely yes! We want to make sure that you feel 100% secure about wearing a face mask during our meetings. The important thing is for you to feel safe. 

We can't force anyone to wear face masks but we want to make sure that you feel it's okay  and acceptable to wear them. 



Where can I purchase a T-Shirt? 

We are hoping to open the online store some time this fall if everything goes as planned. We will announce it to everyone once it's ready. 

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Can I post about other businesses that are not registered? 

No, please only post about your own business. If you believe that someone else's business would benefit from Power Gals then they should register their business with us even if they don't necessarily have time to network they can just pay for the Basic Membership. 

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I forgot about the Rules. Where can I learn about the Rules? 

Simply visit the page for Terms & Conditions found on the Power Gals website to learn more about the rules of what to do and what not to do. Just like any professional organization, we have rules in place to protect Power Gals and its members. If you don't follow the rules then your membership may be terminated depending on the offense. Just remember to practice good professional protocol. Just remember that these are the Terms & Conditions that everyone reads and agrees with before becoming a member. But it doesn't hurt to review them once in a blue moon. 

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What if I don't live in Florida?

Even if you don't live in Florida you can still become a member from anywhere in the world. We now offer Virtual Networking Online every Wednesday morning. Virtual Networking is a great option so you can start to make more connections with other Gals. Hey maybe in the future you might be brave enough to start a Power Gals location in your area. But we can discuss that later.