Executive Membership 

To become a Power Gals Member please fill out the Registration Form below. Due to the high volume of entry forms, please allow between 5 to 7 business days for your profile to be visible in our Business Directory. Once your new profile has been created you will receive a welcome email so please monitor your Spam folder for important information from us. 

Your yearly membership expires one year of when you first became a registered member. In order for your membership to be processed correctly, you need to fill in everything that is required. The website won't let you process your payment if you are missing any information. 

The Executive Membership is $195 for an entire year. Payment is Non-Refundable. Your membership will expire one year from when you first register with Power Gals LLC. Please READ first the Terms and Conditions for the Executive Membership before registering as an Executive Member. 

Executive Membership Registration Form
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As an Executive Members you can enroll up to 2 Businesses at no extra cost. If you would like to register one more business please let us know so we can create a second profile for you. You have to own all businesses or have written authorization letting us know that you have legal rights to represent the other businesses. 

Executive Membership is $195 

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