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Lina Palacio
Hair Care Specialist 

As a certified trichologist, I bring a unique blend of scientific knowledge and practical expertise to my role. I am committed to helping individuals understand the underlying causes of hair and scalp issues and providing them with effective solutions. My approach is holistic, focusing not just on immediate treatments but also a multi therapeutic and long-term scalp health and maintenance.  I also specialize in curly hair by using techniques and treatments that restore curl health. Beyond individual care, I am particularly committed to supporting moms with curly-haired girls. I provide personalized advice and practical tips to help them manage and nurture their children's beautiful curls, fostering a positive and confident relationship with their natural hair from a young age.  

Business Name: Lina Palacio Hair Care Specialist 

Cell: 813.842.3159


Membership Expiration Date: August 10th, 2024
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