Home Care

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Ani Rupcheva


Residential and commercial cleaning services offered with the emphasis on utilizing non-toxic products and practices in the effort to reduce and/or eliminate toxins in everyday life.

Company:  Greenway Cleaning

Phone:   727-657-0375

Email:   aniphilips@yahoo.com 


Address:   6985 79th Ave N Pinellas Park, FL 33781

Networking Chapter Location: St. Pete

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Christie Pickett

Office Manager

Commercial and residential pressure washing and brick paver sealing. Family owned and operated. Founder, David Pickett, is an Army Veteran.

Company:  Tactical Pressure Washing and Paver Sealing   

Phone:   813-846-0655

Email:   cclayden10@gmail.com

Website:   https://tacticalpressurewashing.com

Address:   35361 Condominium Blvd, Zephyrhills FL, 33541

Networking Chapter Location: Wesley Chapel 

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Kimberly Park


We remove the toxins so you can protect your family.

Company:   Purehaven    

Phone:   (508) 566-7358

Email:    kpark11318@gmail.com

Website: https://purehaven.com/


Trisha Guzman

CEO | Interior Designer

I stage houses, declutter, assist with interior decor changes and more.  "If you're looking for an Interior Designer with a friendly attitude and great work ethic, look no further!" 

Company:  Divine Designs by Trisha LLC        

Phone:  813-802-3423

Email:   tguzman1121@gmail.com     

Website: www.divine-designs.us


Tiffany Mclane

Sales Leader | Norwex

My name is Tiffany and I am so excited that you decided to look into Norwex! I care so much for our planet and that is why I decided to join Norwex. I thank God that he introduced me to this company. I get to be a part of making our world a better place by radically reducing the chemicals and paper towels on earth. I believe I’m here today because every day I find out ways that I can help improve our environment. I have never liked using chemicals, but I believe our society has brainwashed us to make us think that we need them in order for a surface to be really “clean”. With Norwex all you use is water! That right there is what got me so interested and exhilarated to teach others about how you never will have to use those chemicals again.  I would love to book a party with you and inform all of your friends and loved ones about all these amazing products Norwex has to offer. Our host rewards are the best! You earn a lot of free stuff! If you are all about being eco-friendly, maybe this might just be your calling, like it was mine. There are so many benefits to becoming a consultant for Norwex! If you want to know more about Norwex E-mail me anytime!

Company: Norwex

Phone:  813-819-2406

Email:    tiffanym.cleansgreen@gmail.com  

Website: https://tiffanymclane.norwex.biz/

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Charan Favazza | Executive Member of Power Gals

Norwex Representative 

Our Mission is to Radically reduce chemicals in your Home!! We love to Educate, Inform and help you understand that there is something BETTER to Clean your Home, Office & More! Our Premium Microfiber will remove 99% of Bacteria from a surface, using the proper instructions. The Enzyme Based Products are made here, in the USA!. Check out my website or contact me for more information.

Company: Norwex 

Phone:  813-458-7188     

Email:   greencleancharan@gmail.com   

Website:   www.charanfavazza.norwex.biz  


Camille Daley

Norwex | Senior Executive Sales Leader

Norwex offers premium microfiber that allows you to clean with just water! We offer a variety of healthy, sustainable products for home and personal care.

Company: Norwex

Phone: 813-358-1244 

Email:  utgirl03160@aol.com

Website:   www.CamilleDaley.norwex.biz