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As a Registered Power Gal Member you have the privilege of joining our Private Facebook Group Page. Simply click on the Facebook button below, follow the steps & allow us between 3-5 days to verify your membership. 

Commonly Asked Questions

  • Who is my Chapter Leader? Your Chapter Leader will be determined to which location is closest to you. 

  • What is a Chapter Leader? A Chapter Leader is the local community organizer for a City.  

  • Where do I Log In? Member Log In is not available. 

  • What is a Social Event? Social Events are a fun extension of our networking meetings.

  • Can I visit other Chapter Locations? Yes, as a registered member you have the ability of visiting any & all Chapter locations. 

  • Can I sell anything about Power Gals without written authorization? No, Power Gals is a Registered Trademark. You will require written authorization fro the owner(s) of Power Gals LLC. before you can sell anything related to Power Gals.    

  • How can I update the information in my profile? Simply email Karla Arita the information that you would like to have updated in your profile. 

  • What if I don't have a Chapter Location near me? Then send us a message via our Contact Us Page. 

  • What if I don't have a Power Gals in my City or State? No worries, simply send us a message via the Contact Us Page.    

  • Can I bring a friend with me to the networking events? Yes, please feel free to bring anyone that you like. 

  • Can I pay for advertise with Power Gals? Yes, simply visit the Advertise With Us page for details. 

  • Can anyone outside Power Gals pay for Advertisement? Yes, but their advertisement has to be reviewed before getting approved. 

  • When do I renew my membership? Your membership is up for renewal at your one year anniversary from when you first became a registered member. 

  • Why should I join the Facebook group? By being part of our private Facebook group, it will give you the opportunity to connect with more members of Power Gals. This also gives you inside access to awesome events that are happening all year long. 

  • Where can I purchase a Power Gals T-Shirt? You ask your Chapter Leader about buying a shirt or you can reach out to the approved vendor(s) mentioned in our Online Store Gallery. 

Did you know that you can give someone the gift of networking? 

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