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Updated: Oct 3

Have you taken a few seconds to look at your professional business email signatures? If you have not done that before, give it a try. The best way is by sending an email to yourself. What you discover may surprise you. From my own personal experience as a business owner, I receive countless emails on a weekly basis from strangers that would like to offer me their services from website analytics, marketing specialist, to coaching. And quite frankly, I tend to judge them mostly based on their email signatures. A lot of their email signatures look sketchy, unprofessional, and not enough information about the company that they represent. What is it that I look for in an email signature is very simple. Some common examples are as follows:

  • Full name

  • The name of the Company you own or work for

  • Title of your position

  • Your Direct Phone number or Office number

  • Your email address

  • The physical company address if available

  • The company's website if available

Why is this important you wonder? Because if I am going to hire someone to analyze my website or if I am going to invest my hard earn money for someone to handle my marketing, it's important because there are a lot of scammers out there trying to rob me of my savings. So when I see a sketchy email from someone that I can't verify if they are representing a real company then I simply will not hire them. So imagine what your email signature looks like to other people if they received your email for the first time? The business world is getting harder every day so you need to do your best to look professional in your emails. Every little detail of your business is important so take pride in what you do and what you offer.

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