The Power of Social Media

Social Media Savvy?

THE POWER OF SOCIAL MEDIA... Have you heard of this phrase before? If you haven't, now you have. Or maybe you have but you really don't fully understand the true concept of the power of social media. Don't get me wrong, you might not believe but in reality I am an old fashioned women. Truth be told, I am not too crazy about technology. I prefer meeting new people in person and I still believe in a good old fashion hand shake rather than a cold "let's be friends" in Facebook. In reality, my list of friends in social media is actually small. And I like keeping it small on purpose. I believe in having just a few good friends than a bunch of strangers pretending to like my posting. In fact, I often ask people not to like my postings. But when it comes to business, it's a whole different story. You may not need social media to grow your business but it sure does help immensely. Social media can be extremely helpful if you use it correctly. Plus it's free so why would you want to take advantage of growing your business through social media? Your homework for this week is to check out your own personal page. Baby steps. Start with just one social media outlet. Let's pick Facebook to keep it simple. Facebook has a ton of great features not just in your business pages, but also in our own personal page. In your personal page you can casually let people know what type of business you own or what you do for a living. It's true, check it out. For example, you can enter the name of your career, the name of your company, or where you're currently employed. Plus you can input your contact information so people can reach out to you easier. Below are just a few of the things that you can include in your Facebook's personal profile: You can link your Instagram page

  • You can link your YouTube page

  • You can link you Website

  • You can link your Linkedin profile

  • You can add your email address

  • You can include your phone number

  • Your past & current Work place(s)

  • You can write a little about you

So my question remains, are you taking full advantage of The Power of Social Media? I'm not saying that you "have" to take advantage of all these great tools. I am just putting it out there. And if you are social media savvy and already taking advantage of all these great features, then Kudos to you. If for some reason you feel that navigating through your profile might be too much for you to understand. Don't feel bad, no one is born knowing everything but knowledge is power. So do yourself a favor and start becoming a Powerful women. Or if you are already a Powerful Women then I encourage you to help Empower other women that could use a little guidance. Don't feel bad, I myself don't know enough about social media. I am always trying to play catchup and learning at least one new thing each week. So I recommend that if you are not comfortable with social media, to start doing a little each month. Imagine if you try to do one new thing each month, in one year you will feel great about all that you have learned. And if you're still not getting the hang of social media, we have a few registered excellent Gals that their businesses are about helping their customers with their social media pages. You could hire them to help you with your social media. One last note since social media is very important but also very difficult for so many, we are currently working on a few upcoming educational workshops related to social media. Once they get posted, please take advantage of them. The workshops are for your benefit, they are meant to help you learn and grow.


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