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Below are Real testimonials from actual members of Power Gals. Power Gals is a different way of Networking.

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Woman in business need to empower each other, we wear many hates in life from raising the children, to making a home, supporting our spouses, but sometimes we often feel who supports us? Well at power Gals you not only meet women who are embarking the same journey as you building business, jumping through hoops and your given the full support of woman who are walking the same journey as you, attending a meeting or event gives you not only the support but the knowledge to not fail but to grow in all aspects of your woman life.


All work and no happy play doesn’t make for a happy woman.  Let’s be honest people do business with the ones we know, like and trust. I encourage you to come out of your comfort zone, and let us help you grow as a person to be the best you can be!


Cheryl Lerman

(Marketing Manager for AAMCO Zephyrhills)

Thank you Courtney for letting the world know how much you love being a Power Gal
 Member Courtney Zuckerman