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Mental health & wellness


Karen Hanlon

CEO -of Painting Your Soul

Holistic Expressive art therapy. 

Business Name: Painting Your Soul

Phone:  727-422-0439



Networking Chapter Location: St. Pete Lunch & Mingle

Best way to contact me:  727-422-0439

Membership Expiration Date: October 3rd, 2024 
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Leslie de Graaf, LPC, LMHC, CRC

Founder and CEO

Everthrive Counseling specializes in working with women with anxiety, depression, maternal mental health issues, and trauma. We help women unburden and fully process traumatic memories so they can finally stop living under the dark cloud of shame, guilt, sadness, and anxiety and feel a sense of relief.

Business Name: Everthrive Counseling

Phone:  225-522-0685



Networking Chapter Location: New Port Richey 

Best way to contact me: 833-473-3399

Membership Expiration Date: December 19th, 2024 
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Rosmer Mena

Founder and Clinical Director

Innerglow Therapy & Holistic is a bilingual space built on anti-oppressive values and action of integrity, designed to help individuals explore life through creative and complementary tools. Our services are designed to support women, as women face unique challenges and life experiences that can drag them into spaces they don’t want to be, yet don’t know how to get out. Innerglow Therapy & Holistic focus is to empowered women to build self-trust, self-love, corrects distorted sense of self, and to support them as they develop new ways of thinking and proper tools to achieve wellness and happiness. Innerglow host wellbeing events and retreats around Florida as well as in other parts of the world.

Business Name: Innerglow Therapy

Phone:  813-760-1126



Networking Chapter Location: Wesley Chapel Latinas

Best way to contact me:  813-702-1762

Membership Expiration Date: November 7th, 2024 
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