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Angela Mineo


I am a nurse practitioner who owns Cheval Wellness. We offer direct primary care, a medical weight loss program, and hormone replacement therapy.

Company: Cheval Wellness

Phone: 727-510-2813



Address: 8142 Bellarus Way, Suite 101, Trinity, FL 34655

Preferred Networking Location: Trinity

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Rochae Zwicharowski 

Whitesands Treatment Center

We provide all levels of care for those struggling with substance use disorder. We have 18 locations throughout the state of Florida.

Company: Whitesands Treatment Center

Phone: 727-657-0444



Address: 2011 N Wheeler St. Plant City, FL 33563

Preferred Networking Location: Plant City

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Claudia Cometa

Doctor of Pharmacy/Founder and CEO

Our healthcare system is complex and difficult to navigate. After working as a clinical pharmacist for over a decade, I experienced the deficiencies in the system after caring for my father. Peace Advocacy Group was created to help our clients be seen, heard, validated, and ultimately find answers on their healthcare journey.

Company:   Peace Advocacy Group

Phone:   909-844-6443



Address: 2519 Mcmullen Booth Rd #510-267 Clearwater, FL 33761

Networking Chapter Location: Clearwater

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Kirsten Foullong

Associate Doctor of Chiropractic

We work to find the root cause of health issues so that we can correct it at the source, with gentle and natural techniques addressing brain-body function, in order to help our patients live a healthier life.

Company:  Pinnacle Chiropractic

Phone:    619-724-9533



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