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Become A Chapter Leader
Start Your Very Own Networking Location

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The Process

Power Gals is growing and expanding to new cities. In order to become part of our Leadership Team, you have to go through an interviewing process. The purpose of the interviewing process is to verify that you are going to be in alignment with our networking organization. We would like to learn more about you, what drives you, what's your experience level with networking, and your professional journey. We want to learn about your core values, your commitment to others, and how you stand out from the crowd. There a few qualities that a Leader must have and truly live by in order to be a great Leader. 

  • A Power Gals Leader is required to have Social Media knowledge

  • They are ethical and professional

  • They care about developing others around them

  • They are encouraging, innovative thinking, and willing to learn new skills

  • They need to communicate well with other Leaders and members

  • They must have integrity & self-awareness 

  • They must have empathy towards others

  • They have to have the ability to delegate in a kind manner

  • They must have courage to always do right by others

  • They must have respect towards others and our organization

  • They must have a good understanding of how to use Social Media

  • They must have a Facebook account. Other social media accounts are great but optional. 

  • They must have computer knowledge and how to create & design event flyers

  • They must have excellent knowledge and have a good presence on many social media platforms

  • They must be comfortable around other people 

  • They must be friendly and sociable 

  • Basic knowledge on how to use Canva to create flyers to promote the networking meetings


We are looking for Leaders that are driven by the right motivation and make a positive impact on the people around them. A Power Gals Leader is someone who can see how things can be improved and who rallies women to move toward that better future. Leaders need to work toward making our vision a reality while putting our members first. Just being able to host meetings isn't enough — leaders need to be empathetic and connect with other women to be successful. We are looking for Leaders that are willing to work united as one with each other to keep growing in order help our local business entrepreneurs be successful. We are stronger together and we are a sisterhood of amazing women from all walks of life.  

The Interviewing Process 

After reading everything and you're still interested in becoming a Leader that is wonderful! The next step would be for you to fill out the registration form below. Once your application has been reviewed by someone from our team or by our founder Karla Arita. You will bed asked a series of questions to see if indeed you are able to fill this important roll. Then if you get approved you will be provided with guidelines on how to run your own successful Chapter Location. Please know that there is a non-refundable one time administrative processing fee due after you have been approved to become a Chapter Leader. Also we require that you find someone that will assist you in running your Chapter. Having a Co-Leader is very important. One of the things that have helped us become so successful is "Consistency". Meaning that the meetings have to be hosted each month without fail. So if one you are going on vacation or can't make your meeting for what ever reason, that your Co-Leader will be able to run the meeting in your Adsense. Please note that the person that you choice as your co-leader needs to be a registered member of Power Gals. 


Approval Process

If you are approved to become a Chapter Leader, then you will be emailed the Leader's agreement contract via electronic signature and you will also be emailed the invoice to process your payment via credit card or Pay Pal. Once you have read and signed the Leader's agreement contract and your processing fee, then you will be formally introduced as a new Leader to the entire organization. There is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes in order to make this a reality, so this is the reason why it's important that you fully understand the importance of this role. 

Outside the state of Florida

In order to be able to bring Power Gals to your state, you will need to have at least 5 women in total that are willing to start their own Chapter locations in your same state. If you are really serious about starting Power Gals in your state, you will need to find other women that you believe would make great Leaders and that would be willing to also run their own Chapter Locations. Just remember that the cost for each Chapter Location is $295.

ONE TIME Administrative processing fee are listed below:

The administrative processing fee is a one time fee that is non-refundable. Again, the Administrative processing fee will only be charge once, you will not have to pay for it every year. The Administrative processing fee is completely separate from your membership fee, all Leaders & Co-Leaders are required to be registered members of Power Gals LLC. If you're serious about running your Networking Chapter location please fill out the registration form below

  • $99.00 processing fee for New Networking Chapter Locations. Please contact us if you have further questions by filling out the form below. 

  • For Pre-Established Chapter Location in Florida you may also fill out the registration form below and kindly specify which location you are inquiring about. 

  • Please enquire within for current Leader vacancies. If you are interested in taking over a pre-established Chapter location that has an opening for a new Chapter Leader or Co-Leader please fill out the form below. 

Yes, I am interested in being a Leader!
Please fill out the registration form below. 
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Our Goal 


  • Riverview 

  • Sarasota

  • Ruskin 

  • Palmetto 

  • Bradenton  

  • Pensacola

  • Madeira Beach 

  • Orlando 

  • Jacksonville

  • Largo

  • Parrish

  • Plant City

  • Seminole

  • Lakeland 

  • Lake Buena Vista  

  • Kissimmee 

  • Tampa 

  • Miami 

  • Doral 

  • Miramar 

  • Pembroke Pines 

  • Fort Lauderdale 

  • Coral Gables 

  • Saint Augustine

  • Florida Keys

  • Clearwater

If you live in any of these cities and you would love to have your very own Networking Chapter location, please fill out the registration form above. Once we receive your request we will start the interviewing process. 
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