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Lucia Fernandez

Future Executive Senior Sales Director 

Mary Kay’s commitment to safety and quality is unwavering. We will not use any ingredient or sell any product until our high safety standards have been achieved. Call me for all your Mary Kay needs. 

Company: Mary Kay 

Phone: 813-966-2461




Chrissy Barnes

Beauty Expert

I specialize in cosmetics. 

Phone: 813-522-0646




Sherry Restifo 

Professional Makeup Artist

I have been in the beauty industry for 20 years. I am a professional makeup artist and also aligned with a company called LimeLife by Alcone. It is a line of professional grade makeup and all natural. 

Phone: 703-980-2377 



Larita Mendoza Walters

Avon Consultant

I am an Avon Representative. Our Avon company specializes in the selling of Fragrances, Make up, Clothing, Shoes, Hair products, Products for the skin, Health and wellness products and Jewelry. 

Phone: 813-983-0018 



Jean Anns Headshot 2020.jpg

Jean Ann Guinther

Color Street Nails Representative

Color Street Nails are 100% Nail Polish Strips that go on dry. There is no need for heat or any tools to apply them and can be removed with any nail polish remover. Your nail strips will normally last anywhere from 10 to 14 days. There is an online special every day! Solids, Glitters, and Nail Art is buy any 3 and get 1 FREE; EXCEPT for the French Manicures. French Manicures are buy 1 get 1 FREE. WOW!! Want to try before you buy? I have a two finger sample to send to you and to your friends. Email me or send me a text (812-878-5567) and I would be happy to send a twosie out for you to try. I would love to help you save your precious time and money with this amazing product. Better yet, lets do a girls night and share this amazing product with your friends. LOVE THOSE PRETTY NAILS! 

Phone: 727-819-2105   




Vicki Dyche Brooks-Martinez

Paparazzi Representative

Consultant ~ $5 Lead & Nickel Free Jewelry. Catch the Live shows Tuesday & Thursday nights on my FB business page.

Phone:  316-519-7305      




Monat Representative

I believe in mother nature and all it has for our well being. I only use products I can trust, safe, toxic free, vegan, natural. I distribute MONAT products because their rich formulations make their naturally-based ingredients work in harmony with each other, combining and reacting to pump up their natural properties to take them to the next level.

Phone:  813-842-3159     




Glory Huerta

Makeup Artist

I am Makeup Artist who is passionate to help women feel better about themselves by helping them find the right products to care for their skin and hair, as a result they can enhance their natural beauty making feel more confident and Powerful! I am lucky enough to be an Independent Distributor for SeneGence International, because it just Make Sense to me, SeneGence uses naturally-reoccurring ingredients, refraining from animal testing, the company is environmentally conscientious.

Phone:   801-769-9000   



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Lendi Caswell

Color Street Representative 

Color Street is long lasting 100% nail polish strips that go on dry.. No heat or tools needed to apply & they remove with any nail polish remover. ALL Solids , Glitter, & Nail Art are buy 3 get 1 free. ALL French Manicures are buy 1 get 1 free. If you are interested in trying a sample text or email me and I will be happy to send you out some to try.

Phone: 321-436-8217      




Courtney Zuckerman

Independent Consultant | RODAN + FIELDS 

No matter your age, gender, skin tone or ethnicity, Rodan + Fields® products can help you to achieve healthier, younger-looking skin. As an R+F Independent Consultant, I love that I am able to help people live better in their skin and become more empowered in their lives. When my Customers ask me how they can achieve clearer, more radiant-looking skin, I tell them that the R+F secret to great-looking skin is Multi-Med Therapy®, using the right ingredients in the right formulations and applying them in the right order. From their cleansers to their sunscreens, all R+F products are specially formulated to complement each other. I have seen with my own eyes the powerful effects of these products. And I always look forward to seeing and celebrating their results.

Phone: 860-539-2717     



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