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Why Join Power Gals?


Power Gals LLC. is more than just a networking group; our networking group is a sisterhood of amazing women. Power Gals has provided local women in business excellent networking connections since 2018. Power Gals members support each other through meaningful business connections and professional development opportunities as each member strives for success. Power Gals is a professional networking platform for our members to come together to connect, learn, grow while having fun along the way.

Membership Benefits


Power Gals LLC.’s Annual Membership offers access to “All” Chapter networking locations each month throughout the numerous cities. We also offer various special events throughout the year including fun mixers, lunch meetings, seminars, expo(s), monthly socials & interaction on our private Facebook page. One of the main benefits of becoming a proud member of Power Gals is that you will be added to our business directory. That way anyone that is looking to hire someone in your industry, they can connect with you directly. This also makes it easy for other Power Gals members to find your contact information to refer you to anyone that needs your services. As a member, you have the ability to direct the course of your business by participating in all the exciting networking events while also strengthening your relationships with other Power Gals LLC. members. 

Member Perks Program

Registered Power Gals Members get exclusive discounts to numerous local businesses. For more details please visit the Member Perks page of our website.  

Our Philosophy


We believe in a positive, welcoming and non-competitive atmosphere. Membership in Power Gals LLC. is not restricted to one person per industry. We don’t require lead quotas, nor forced one-on-one weekly meetings, plus we don’t mind if you are members of other networking groups. We actually encourage our members to interact with other local networking groups. The more you network the more opportunities will open up for your business. And the more you network this will enhance your networking skills, which will help you foster meaningful partnerships with professional women, and help one another to grow & prosper regardless of your industry.
The most valuable benefit of becoming a Power Gals member is the opportunity to form meaningful connections with other Gals, learn from influential businesswomen, gain positive support with other supportive, motivated, business-savvy women that will lift each other.​

Get the Most Out of Your Membership


As a proud member, we want you to get the most from your membership with Power Gals because we understand how valuable your time and investment in yourself really is. Our best advice is to put yourself out there and get to know as many Power Gals members as possible.



Visibility is the best way to grow your business. 
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