Shannah Campbell

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Group Leader

I enjoy spreading the sparkle from Touchstone Crystal! Touchstone Crystal is SWAROVSKI'S Direct Selling Division. Half of our line is under 50.00 & over 90% of our line is under 100.00. I provide a fun social shopping experience with my sparkle!! Ladies invite me into their homes for a FUN Sip N Sparkle and they receive a ton of FREE & DISCOUNTED SPARKLE!!! I also enjoy doing fundraisers & online parties. I love adding sparkle to people's lives with SWAROVSKI!! 

Company:   Touchstone Crystal ( SWAROVSKI"S Direct Selling Division)

Phone:  727-424-1726



Address:  8616 Linebrook Dr Trinity, Fl 34655 

Networking Chapter Location: Trinity 

Patricia Patterson 

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Owner & Designer

 Blue Laamb Designs is all about stylish and affordable jewelry for your passions and the things you love the most @ Some of the many passions and loves include jewelry for dog and cat lovers; beach, sun and surf; yoga lifestyle; runner and triathletes; motorcycle lovers and more. We will also create something unique just for you and let you customize many of our designs.

Company:   Blue Laamb Designs

Phone:   727-534-3596



Deme Thomas

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I have handmade crystal waistbeads Waist beads have been an African tradition for many decades. There are many different rituals and meanings associated with the use and purpose of waist beads. One thing for certain, waist beads are a visual representation and connection to both our ancestors and to the feminine energy within us all. In African culture, waist beads are often presented to young girls and women by the ladies who are part of their “goddess circle”. Mothers, Grandmothers, Aunties and close friends help carry the tradition when they waist their daughters or other women in the tribe. What are the traditional uses of waist beads? ​ Waist beads are to be worn for reasons as varied as there are women who wear them. The wearing of waist beads is just as much a spiritual experience as it is a beautiful form of personal adornment. Traditionally, waist beads have been worn by women for: Signifying the birth of a girl child Protecting the spirit of the child during pregnancy Puberty rites Marital rites Medicine Fertility Spiritual awakening Adornment and beauty Sexuality Reminder of personal Strength *Waist training and “weight loss” 

Company:   WaistbeadsbyD

Phone:   813-330-9901



Kim Washington

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Sales Vice President

Founded in Chicago in 1955, Park Lane Jewelry is the world's leading direct sales jewelry party plan company. Park Lane proudly offers exceptional quality jewelry that is backed by an unconditional guarantee. They offer hypoallergenic pieces and many that are designer inspired. There is something for everyone's style and personality.​

Company:   Park Lane Jewelry

Phone:  813-541-8509   



Tammy Spoon 


Intimate Body Jewelry

Handmade Non Piercing Intimate Body Jewelry. Adults only! Ever thought of getting a sexy piercing to "spice things up" ? Now you dont have to experience the pain, risk and permanence of intimate piercings. Want a beautiful necklace with a sexy surprise? Every piece is handmade with love, to help you have an extra sexy experience with your lover. I am Tammy, Head Designer and Creator, CEO, Shipper, Customer Service and wearer of many other hats @ Why Bee Normal LLC

Phone:  813-492-0745   



Hope Cuesta "Esperanza" | Executive Member of Power Gals



We are a family owned and operated business that makes artisan jewelry using natural crystal gemstones to facilitate wellness and a holistic approach to life. Crystal Therapy therapy can be achieved by wearing these beautiful stones during meditation, work, rest or play. Crystal therapy will help with focus and clarity of ones intentions. It can be used to relieve stress, anxiety, anger, or understanding. Open your chakras, remove negative energies, protect you and regulate the energy flow throughout your body. Holding space for the latest innovative technology using microcurrent frequency at the cellular level. A device designed and cleared by the FDA for temporary relief of pain associated with sore and aching muscles from strain and/or for the symptomatic relief and management of chronic, intractable pain associated with arthritis. Member of The Holistic Chamber of Commerce. 

Company: Mystic Sisters 4 Ever

Phone:   813-573-0268  



Vicki Dyche Brooks-Martinez



Fashionable and trendy $5 lead & nickel free jewelry.


Company: Paparazzi Jewelry

Phone:  316-519-7305