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Adriana Reynolds 


Acompaño a las personas en el camino hacia su interior para lograr metas, conocerse mejor y entender el para qué de sus experiencias. Lo cual produce un cambio en la percepción de las mismas para tener bienestar y éxito en su vida. Ofrezco sesiones de Coaching con PNL y Bioneuroemoción, estudio del Árbol Transgeneracional, sanación del niño interno, y además, facilito cursos, talleres prácticos y charlas sobre las relaciones interpersonales.

Business Name: Camino a tu interior

Phone:   813-294-9534      



La mejor manera de contactarme es por teléfono o por texto.

Membership Expiration Date: November 24th, 2024 
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Alicia Farricielli

Certified Life Coach and Spiritual Mentor

My extensive expertise spans marketing, sales, public relations, non-profits, event planning, entrepreneurship, and real estate, making me a valuable source of guidance and insight. My passion for breaking limiting beliefs and fostering lasting change inspires countless individuals to achieve success against all odds.

Business Name: Alicia Farricielli Holistic Lifestyle Coach

Phone:   N/A    



Social Media:

Best way to contact me: Email

Membership Expiration Date: April 18th, 2025 
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Christine Woryn

Certified Life and Relationship Coach

Trusted by a billionaire on his finance team, building a successful business from the ground up, and using my trauma through healing journey as the background for my coaching business. I coach professional women to have massive breakthroughs and know who they are, speak their truth, stand worthy, be more confident than ever, get the results they desire, experience deeper connection with their partner, have close friendships, live with less guilt, obligation, shame, or people pleasing. My clients live aligned with their True Self.

I also support clients with business coaching to help them work less hours and make more money, to understand their finances and growth opportunities, provide work-life balance, plus create and hold a space for their families.


Member Offers and Discounts:

1) Individual coaching and Group coaching

2) Soul Sister Connection – for women wanting meaningful relationships, deep connection, and knowing how to create best friends in who you are being

3) Complimentary coaching session for all Power Gals and anyone you refer

4) Power Gals receive one free coaching session with any package purchased


Business Name: Connection Coach LLC

Phone:   734-751-6181     



Preferred Networking Location: Lutz 

Best way to contact me: Phone 

Membership Expiration Date: November 27th, 2024
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Julie Fox

Certified Life Coach, Certified Health, Wellness. Coach & John Maxwell Team Member

Are YOU ready to release your limiting beliefs? I help ambitious women who are ready to get out of self-sabotage, create new habits, and break free from their limiting beliefs to step into abundance in life and in business. Together we can help you fall in love with a life you are excited to wake up to every day!

I’m Julie with Jules4LifeCoaching. I’m a certified health, wellness and life coach... most refer to me as an EMPOWERMENT COACH. I incorporate my expertise to help women actualize their fullest potential to live an empowered life. It’s my first hand experience that allows me to stand out amongst other coaches. There is a unique advantage in having lived through what others may be dealing with. I’ve conquered many giants!🦋 I am an overcomer and you can be too! 


Business Name:  Jules4Life Coaching



Networking Chapter Location: Palm Harbor 

Member Discounts Offered: 20% off one to one coaching | 10% off speaking engagements | free one hour discovery session. 

Membership Expiration Date: April 19th, 2025 

Jo-Anne Newby 

Certified Oola Coach

I coach women who want to design a life they love, who are tired of living their life by default. To dream big and achieve those dreams in the 7 key areas of life.

Business Name:  Sparkl Coaching

Phone: 813-340-7429



Address: 17026 Winners Cir, Odessa, FL 33556

Preferred Networking Locations: Odessa, Carrollwood, & Lutz

Membership Expiration Date: August 22nd, 2024 
Helena Trangata.jpg

Helena Trangata 


Lighting the path for creativity in body, mind and spirit. 

Business Name:   Coach Tink

Phone:  727-457-9391


Social Media: 

Networking Chapter Location: New Port Richey 

Best way to contact me: Text 

Membership Expiration Date: December 6th, 2024 
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Kerri Pagliarini 

Certified Holistic Health Coach 

I help women kick their sugar habit so they can feel in control of their cravings and have the energy to do the things they love.

Business Name:  Empower Wellness Coaching

Phone:  (917) 825-7673



Networking Chapter Location: Palm Harbor 

Best way to contact me: Text or call me

Membership Expiration Date: April 15th, 2025 
Mariah Raynor....jpg

Mariah Raynor

Owner/Money Coach

I help people spend with confidence and take control of their life and money without giving up all the things they love.

Business Name:   Money Coach Mariah, LLC

Phone:  727-203-0389



Networking Chapter Location: Trinity

Membership Expiration Date: July 14th, 2024 
Maytte Dusseau...jpg

Maytte Dusseau

CEO and Founder - Life Coach

Empowering successful women through coaching utilizing the Law of Attraction principles. Helping them to understand the power of their thoughts and beliefs. We work together to uncover the beliefs that are holding them back from a life of fulfillment, happiness and wonder. Together we craft a new story and develop strategies to create a life they LOVE.

Business Name:  Inspiring Your Best Life, LLC

Phone:  352-504-8911



Networking Chapter Location: Palm Harbor 

Membership Expiration Date: August 16th, 2024 
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Melisa Hartsell 


 I coach women through grief & caregiver burnout. 

Business Name: Evin B Hartsell

Phone:   813-600-7715     



Preferred Networking Location: Tampa 

Best way to contact me: Phone 

Membership Expiration Date: November 27th, 2024
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All of the above.png

Melissa Olsheski

Personal Empowerment Coach

Life/Business Coach; Emotional-Energetic Healing; Mental Health Support; Personal Growth & Development offering 1-1 coaching, education, workshops. 

Business Name: All Of The Above, LLC

Phone:   813-368-3309     



Preferred Networking Location: Wesley Chapel

Best way to contact me: Text

Membership Expiration Date: February 14th, 2025 
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