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Pearl Chiarenza | Executive Member of Power Gals


I am a naturopathic life coach working with women to have guiltless self-care.

Company: Women's Successful Living

Phone:  813-449-3308



Address:  522 Oakfield Dr Brandon, Fl 33511 

Networking Chapter Location: Brandon, Riverview, & Tampa


Kimberly Jansen


“27+ years in Wholistic Health! Nutraceuticals: Food, Nutrition, Herbs, Vitamins Electroceuticals: Frequencies of Sound, Color, Essential Oils, Gemstones, & Intentions/New Thought Patterns Let’s Talk Health Today! Physical & Emotional!”

Company:  OH! Optimal Health!

Phone:  813-928-3649




Rosie Paulsen | Executive Member of Power Gals

Commissioner, Author, Speaker & Medicare Insurance Broker

Over 25 years of customer service experience to Inspire business owners to be more productive, overcome Cultural differences, close more sales and increase their revenue

Company: Rosie Paulsen Enterprises  

Phone:  813-909-6965    



RPE-Business Resource Center: 5513 Ambassador Drive, Tampa FL 33615

Networking Chapter Location: Dade City 

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Julie Fox | Executive Member of Power Gals

Certified Life Coach, Certified Health, Wellness. Coach & John Maxwell Team Member

Are YOU ready to release your limiting beliefs? I help ambitious women who are ready to get out of self-sabotage, create new habits, and break free from their limiting beliefs to step into abundance in life and in business. Together we can help you fall in love with a life you are excited to wake up to every day!

I’m Julie with Jules4LifeCoaching. I’m a certified health, wellness and life coach... most refer to me as an EMPOWERMENT COACH. I incorporate my expertise to help women actualize their fullest potential to live an empowered life. It’s my first hand experience that allows me to stand out amongst other coaches. There is a unique advantage in having lived through what others may be dealing with. I’ve conquered many giants!🦋 I am an overcomer and you can be too! 


Company:  Jules4Life Coaching



Networking Chapter Location: Palm Harbor 


April Johnson-Spence


I will focus on improving connection, collaboration, and community health by representing all Hernando County residents so that OUR county will continue to be a wonderful place to live.

Company: The Source

Phone:  727-457-3242  



Networking Chapter Location: Spring Hill | Hernando County

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Cory Jenkins 

Life Coach

Let the Love You To Life Coach Be Your Guide to Creating a Life You Love! After studying personal growth, communication, and sales for over 20 years. I've channeled the lessons I've learned into my book, courses & coaching. The courses give you a blueprint for loving your life & creating a vision of your future that you are excited to live into and a plan of action to get there. The mastermind & coaching bring that vision into existence through support and accountability. I offer a free discovery call as well as a week long challenge to get a sense of how we work together and build a foundation. There's also a free starter guide and sample of my book on my website for that purpose as well. 

Company:   Love You To Life

Phone:  925-565-4986



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Faustine Judd | Executive Member of Power Gals

Owner / Manager

LifeAnew 4 Success - provides Classes, Workshops, and Life Coaching to support individuals in learning skills and strategies to get past obstacles holding people back from their dreams.

Company:  LifeAnew Resources, LLC - LifeAnew 4 Success

Phone:  813-778-5215   



Address: 36212 Chickadee Lane, Zephyrhills, FL 33541

Networking Chapter Location: Zephyrhills

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Sallie Wagner | Executive Member of Power Gals


I use Emotional Freedom Techniques and Evolved Neurlinguistic Programming to help you get rid of unwanted habits, behaviors, fears, phobias, limiting beliefs & decisions and live your best life!

Company:  Intentional Life Coaching, LLC

Phone:  816-616-5403   



Address: 6222 Ikes Cabin Court, Palmetto, FL 34221

Networking Chapter Location: Sarasota

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Valerie Chaille


I help working women live up to their full potential by teaching them how to....

Company: No-Noncents Life

Phone:  833-671-5458    



Address: 5767 Avista Dr, Sarasota, FL 34243

Networking Chapter Location: Sarasota

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Jenna Holterman

Owner, Life Coach

Janna helps aspiring female entrepreneurs bounce back from burnout to live in their purpose with the clarity and energy to build their business.

Company:  Janna Holterman Coaching LLC

Phone:  813-647-7709



Networking Chapter Location: Temple Terrace  

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Dairesse Torres

Owner & Sr. Consultant

Business (Sales Growth, Networking, Leadership, Organization, Time Management, Balance, and Hiring) Employment (Resume and Cover Letter Writing, Job Searching, Interview Preparation) Divorce and Domestic Violence Empowerment Recovery

Company:  August Consulting Group LLC

Phone:  760-518-8194


Website: N/A

Address: 7853 Gunn Hwy, #220, Tampa, FL 33626

Networking Chapter Location: Westshore 

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Diane Friedberg

Life Coach and Wellness Coordinator

Diane Friedberg’s 30 year career span has been in both the holistic healing arts as well as the corporate business arena. Her background includes life, wellness, oncology, HeartMath coaching, program development, energy work, seminars, management, marketing, and public relations. She is a graduate of The Coaches Training Institute and studied with The American Holistic College of Nutrition. Diane is also a certified HeartMath Coach, a Reiki practitioner, and trained in PureBioenergy.  The care provided at Integrative Healing blends traditional and modern techniques in health care with a focus on you as a complete and powerful being. You have the capacity to transform illness into wellness, from better to best health and incompleteness to a newfound universe in health.

Company:   Integrative Healing at the WellCome OM Center

Phone:  352-254-8090



Address: 4248 Lake in the Woods Dr. Spring Hill, FL 34607

Networking Chapter Location: Spring Hill

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Cricket Crockett

Certified Leadership & Life Coach, Speaker & Best Selling Author

I coach busy women nearing the brink of burnout to recognize the power of pushing pause in their life in order to achieve clarity & truly enjoy the hustle. I support clients to develop a plan specific to their needs while providing a listening ear, encouragement, perspective, and feedback along the way. Are you a driven or high achieving woman in a leadership role who may be approaching burnout? I am honored to join clients on their journey to achieve breakthrough by recognizing the power of pushing pause, just long enough to take inventory, learn the necessity of self-care & boundaries, as well as transition with ease to next steps. Be the leading character in your personal story, as the best version of yourself!  

Company:   Coaching with Cricket

Phone:   706-718-8111



Networking Chapter Location: Palm Harbor

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Kim Moore


I teach biblical romance and intimacy. My book, UNLOCK the Secret to Lasting Intimacy, is unlike any other book on the Song of Solomon because it decodes the secrets of the Song using ancient Middle Eastern wedding customs. UNLOCK is a groundbreaking, verse-by-verse interpretation and retelling of the Song. Once you understand the customs surrounding betrothal, the marriage bed, the period of separation, the carry (Rapture), and consummation (all confirmed by New Testament scripture), the Song will spring to life in an astonishing and chronological story line.

Company:  Kim Moore

Phone:  813-300-7416



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Maytte Dusseau

CEO and Founder - Life Coach

Empowering successful women through coaching utilizing the Law of Attraction principles. Helping them to understand the power of their thoughts and beliefs. We work together to uncover the beliefs that are holding them back from a life of fulfillment, happiness and wonder. Together we craft a new story and develop strategies to create a life they LOVE.

Company:  Inspiring Your Best Life, LLC

Phone:  352-504-8911



Networking Chapter Location: Palm Harbor 

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Amy Jammer


Spiritual Coach - My business focus is helping clients address energy blocks within themselves and offering solutions to move past them. I am a psychic, clairvoyant and empath; I specialize in energy readings combined with tarot to address energy blocks.


Company: Beloved1Tarot

Phone: 813-631-7771



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Mariah Raynor

Owner/Money Coach

I help people spend with confidence and take control of their life and money without giving up all the things they love.

Company:   Money Coach Mariah, LLC

Phone:  727-203-0389



Networking Chapter Location: Trinity


Melissa Olsheski

Empowerment Coach

 AOTA is a growing company focused on providing coaching and complimentary services to individuals interested in personal and professional healing, growth and development. Empowerment Coaching is a unique system for helping clients shift from lower to higher levels of emotional awareness, so that he/she can live a more vibrant, positive, fulfilling and empowered life. As a specialized niche within the life coaching industry, this philosophy serves to teach and guide clients as they increase their level of awareness, emotional stability, energy and function by moving up through a “map” of consciousness. Empowerment Coaching utilizes various interventions, activities and tools to help the client dig deeper into what might be holding them back, so they may move beyond.

Company: All Of The Above, LLC. 

Phone:   813-368-3309      



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Paty Johnston

Leadership Coach

 Leadership Coach, Trainer and Speaker.

Phone:   813-789-1097