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Nicole Kusko

Professional Organizer 

Balanced Order offers custom organization solutions tailored to meet your goals. Whether you are looking to clear clutter or create more efficient systems, Balanced Order can help. For a list of all services provided please visit

Business Name: Balanced Order

Phone:  813-525-4461     



Member Discounts Offered:  Registered Power Gals members receive a 10% discount on organizing services with Balance Order Organizing. 

Membership Expiration Date: March 2nd, 2025 
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Paola Camino 

General manager

 I'm a passionate professional organizer and space creator with a very special purpose: to transform lives through them. In my work, I focus on styling and decorating corporate and personal events, bringing each space to life and creating unique experiences. When it comes to organization, I also help people incorporate order into their lives to achieve emotional and mental well-being. I believe that a well-designed and organized space can have a profound impact on our overall happiness.

Business Name: Paca Zone

Phone:  813-605-9018     



Best way to contact me: Phone MSG

Membership Expiration Date: November 27th, 2024 
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